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ALREEM DENTAL CENTER provides quality with the help of our performances via highly qualified professionals usage the best and state of the art technology to provide the highest dental and maxillofacial services.

General Dentistry is practiced by Physicians with internationally recognized qualifications, while the Dentistry facility caters for patients 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, the professionals are versed in all dental procedures, ranging from orthodontics to prosthetic dentistry as the following:

• Orthodontics
o Correct deformities of jaw and teeth.
o Orthodontics for adults and children.
o Visible and invisible Orthodontics.

• Pedodontics
o Diagnosis and treatment and protection of children ‘s teeth.
o Teeth treatment of Special needs people.

• General Treatments
scaling, fillings, imaging

• Endodontics Unit
o Diagnosis, treatment and surgery of dental pulp diseases.
o Treatment of Dental pulps / root canal treatment

• Periodontics
o The diagnosis of periodontal disease and methods of protection.
o Pharmaceutical treatment.
o Surgical treatment


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